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About me

Hi, I'm Philipp, also known as NeikiDev. At 19 years old, I'm deeply involved in programming, as well as extensive research in Cybersecurity and Malware.


I have been programming for about 6 years, skilled in languages like JS, TS, Python, and Java. Currently, I've turned my hobby into my profession.


For approximately two years, I've been involved in Cybersecurity and have contributed to platforms such as Virustotal, Kaspersky, and Hatching Triage. My project, NeikiAnalytics, encompasses all of this.

Malware Analysis

For around one and a half years, I have been working as a Malware Researcher and Analyst, specializing in tracking and reverse-engineering various types of existing malware. This work is also a component of my NeikiAnalytics project.


The domain and website "*" play a significant role as well. Over the past few years, I've developed and continuously improved it. It serves as a hub for various projects, information, cloud hosting, and my blog. NeikiAnalytics is also accessible on this site.


NeikiAnalytics encompasses a comprehensive range of activities in the realms of CyberSecurity, Malware Analysis, and Programming. It's an initiative deeply rooted in the intricate study and understanding of cybersecurity threats, dedicated to dissecting and analyzing malware, while also embracing the diverse and dynamic world of programming.

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The projects i made so far

VirusTotal Customization

Tampermonkey Script
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Open Source

Open Project

Helpfull Docs

docsify project
  • Easy to use
  • Helpfull Topics and Answers
  • Open Source

Open Project


Cloudflare & AWS
  • selfmade API
  • closed source for now
  • public file scanner
  • malware Analysis
  • and much more!

Open Project

Help & Information

Do you want me to help at your project, or do you need help with something? Contact me!

  • Fast Response
  • Good Strong verdicts
  • Cheap or Free
  • Good Integrations
  • Strong API
  • Free unlimited support


My biggest Project yet!

Can I use it for free?

Absolutely! You have free access to use the file scanner, file report generator, and many other features whenever you need them!

Whats the benefits?

I rigorously examine each uploaded file or hash using a variety of reputable online analysis tools. Based on this comprehensive check, I generate a reliable and valid verdict. You can then share this report with others to ensure safer internet experiences.

I saw a false positive!

If you encounter any incorrect verdicts, kindly report them to me via email at [email protected]. I will promptly review the file and provide an updated verdict as quickly as possible!

How often will the database be updated?

Our databases are updated daily with approximately 15-30 thousand new file verdicts. For more detailed statistics, please refer to this site:

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My personal blog about anything!

Blog 1
Targeted attacks on iPhones: new details about spyware

21.06, 2023

iPhone spyware arrives via iMessage and, according to an analysis, can manipulate files and track location. Macs may also be among the targets.
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Blog 2
Security updates: Attackers can target Zyxel NAS

21.06, 2023

Updated firmware versions for various Zyxel NAS models close a critical vulnerability. Network equipment manufacturer Zyxel advises owners of [...] Read more

Blog 3
VMware Aria: Critical vulnerability attacks!

21.06, 2023

VMware has updated its security advisory on a critical vulnerability in its Aria Operations monitoring software. According to this, it is under attack. Read more